Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Glowing Bath Time Fun

Creative Wednesdays

At every nanny job I have worked at it has been my responsibility to bathe the kids left in my care. In my early days working as a nanny I wasn't too creative if a child complained about taking a bath. I would sing songs and try to distract them. Now, there are tons of bath toys to use to help children enjoy their time in the sudsy water.

Currently, the four-year-old I care for loves having glowing LED ice cubes in the bath. As long as the sun is still up and there's some daylight, I turn off the lights in the bathroom and throw these Water Submersible LED Ice Cubesin the bath.

What ideas can you share with us to make bath time fun? You can answer below or on our Facebook page or on Twitter.

You can purchase your own Water Submersible LED Ice Cubesby clicking links above or below.

Water Submersible LED Ice Cubes


Advia said...

These are great ideas for nannies! I'll be sharing these in my Canadian nannies site. Thanks!

nannyknowshow said...

This is a really great idea in order to help children enjoy bath time. Some children find this experience daunting, which obviously makes it very difficult for nannies and parents also. This idea takes the stress out of bath time. What a great distraction, thanks for you post.

Cutie Chen said...

Good ieal
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Mike Shinoda said...

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