Thursday, December 4, 2008

Courage of Nanny

Click to read story about brave nanny:

See below for interview with nanny.

To help Moshe, go to

We ought to discuss the Indian nanny, Sandra Samuel, who rescued the young son of the couple who were killed during the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. She is a heroine. Please remember the orphan in your prayers and donations.

See the interview here:


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is one of the most tragic stories I have ever heard. This woman is truly a God send to this toddler.

Anonymous said...

I love hearing wonderful stories about nannies for a change. What a tragic story. What human wouldn't save a child?! Terribly sad. Sandra is kind to stay with the toddler in Israel rather than stay in India during this terrible time for the child. Terrorists killed innocent people who were parents of such a beautiful boy. Senseless hate. This nanny proves that good and love transends race, religion, culture and nationality.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the link to help the toddler Moshe. He is now an orphan. In the spirit of the holidays donating a little for the orphan is more important than another expesive manufactured gift for the wealthy children we care for as nannies. If we can give to our friends and family we can certianly find a little to give to this toddler.

Anonymous said...

This story makes me realize just how lucky we are. Yes, we must bless this child, nanny and their extended family. Best to them and all who lost loved ones in this terrorist attack.

Anonymous said...

It is rare the term ''hero'' actually applies when used - this is most certainly a case where it applies: without concern for her own safety, which was relatively assured, she bolted into danger and very likely saved that child''s life. Even if they had intentionally left the child alive, it was reasonable for her to assume that they would kill him given the chance, and she knew she would be killed if they had the chance. Joe

Anonymous said...

I live in New York City and I felt anxious and sick watching the news about the terrorist attacks.

I have many comments to make about terrorists at this moment but I don't want to use foul language on a nanny blog. The terrorists that did this crime think they will be going to heaven for killing the "enemy" due to their jihad killing spree. This nanny from India who saved this orphan and is staying to care for this orphan is going to "heaven" or whatever blessed place she beleives she will go to in her next life.

I am pleased to read about the nanny because MOST PEOPLE ARE LIKE HER and not like the radical idiots who think killing and religion could possibly be one in the same.

Anonymous said...

What nanny wouldn't do the same? That's our definition: care for children?

Anyone would do the same.

I will pray for them all.