Monday, May 16, 2011

Which is More Important To You - Your Child or Your Pet?

Child ID Challenge Mission

Which is more important to you - your child or your pet? Strange question? Not really, when you consider these statistics:

* 60,000 pets are reported lost or stolen each year and 90-percent wear ID
* 700,000 children - more than one each minute - are reported lost for more than one-hour each year and only two-percent wear ID
* Most lost children are age seven and under, age two is at greatest risk.

Why do 90-percent of pets wear identification and only two-percent of children? When was the last time you left the house without your identification? When a child is lost, how will they find you? How will they get the love, comfort, and protection they need?

The Child ID Challenge is a national effort by the Laura Recovery Center and Who's Shoes Child ID Tags, to provide a personal ID to 500,000 children this year and educate parents to the vital importance of ID.

When a child is lost or hurt in an accident, every minute counts. A child is lost every 40-seconds. The longer they are away from their parents, the more distressed they and the parents will become. There is more chance for them to become injured and abducted. The only safe place for your child is with you!

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, the Laura Recovery Center, Klaas Kids Foundation, and Danielle's Legacy all support protecting your child with a discreet personal ID.

It happens once every 40-seconds and one of every four children will go to the emergency room. Are you willing to take a chance that it will be a child in your care? Or are you going to take action and for less than the price of a movie ticket - protect your child every minute.

The terrible heartbreak is, the F.B.I. receives over 2000 missing child reports every day.

Yesterday we recommended Who's Shoes Child ID Tags, last week we reviewed Safety Tat Child ID Tattoos, and Tig Tagz identification bracelets the week before that. We will continue to recommend child ID products each Sunday in the weeks to come.


Maria Lopez said...

Great point that our pets have collars with tags on but the kids don't. I lost a boy I took care of at an amusement park probably less than ten minutes but the worst ten minutes of my life. I am forwarding this article and links for IDs to my boss today.

Anonymous said...

Really eye opening. I think I will order some ID tags today for the infant and toddler. Their step siblings are older won't need that info as they have it memorized.

Anonymous said...

Even if older kids have their info. memorized- I think the ID's are still good. Because -It's not like an adult- who carries a purse or wallet.

lovebeingananny said...

Also, people get nervous and forget things in crisis so no reason why an older kid shouldn't have it on them too.

Lara said...

I spoke to the kids yesterday 10,7, 5 and they all want me to buy the bracelets! Even the 10 yr old!