Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Star Craft for Nannies and Au Pairs

Have You Had Snow Yet This Winter?
With paper folded the right way and a little ‘cutting edge’ imagination, you can create something better than your typical paper snowflake — you can make Snow Stars! Younger kids may have a little trouble with this craft, but it’s like magic when they open them up. Well worth the work! If you’ve got bigger kids, then they can really get creative and have a lot of fun with these.

What You’ll Need:
Paper, Scissors, Pencil, The Templates Below

Version 1:

1. Measure and cut your paper so that it’s square. Then fold it according to the diagram below. Using thinner paper and a larger square makes the folding and the cutting in step 2 a lot easier.

2. Once your paper is folded, you can cut it anyway you want. Unfold when complete. This is pretty much the standard way of making paper snowflakes. Now let’s take a look at a different variation.

Variation 2:

1. Cut your paper into a circle. Fold the circle in half. Fold the half circle into thirds, one side over the other, as in the diagram below.
2. Once you have the paper folded, you’ll have a cone shaped piece of paper. Use the diagram as a guideline and cut out the shape you want for your snow star. The more smaller cuts on the folds, the more intricate your design will turn out. Unfold when complete.

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