Saturday, April 12, 2014

Novels Both Boys and Girls Love

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Weekly Trip to the Library

I make a very conscious effort to allow the kids in my care to play with any toy they want to and to avoid creating strict gender roles. I want the girls to be independent and strong and encourage them to play sports. I want to encourage the boys to be loving and friendly and willing to play with dolls and with housekeeping toys as well. Despite my determined efforts, the boys and girls I care for often seem to be instinctively drawn to gender specific toys, games, and even books.

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Find Au Pair Official said...

I agree with you. I also think that girls should be taught to be independent and that boys should be loving and friendly, but this teaching should be done in an exaggerate manner. We are trying to shape children to have a wonderful personality, and not necessarily one which think that it is appropriate.