Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Nanny Notebook by Julie Kemsley

Products Nannies Love

The Nanny Notebook is my favorite product made specifically for nannies I have ever reviewed!

Nanny agencies recommend nannies keep daily logs in a central place of the home (such as the kitchen and near a phone) so parents and caregivers can have easy access to important information.

The Nanny Notebook is the best nanny daily log I have ever used. I love this beautifully illustrated, high-quality organizer with refillable pages. It is of the highest quality in great colors (mine is in a beautiful teal color that the company calls blue).

The Nanny Notebook is divided into four sections: Nanny Notes, Current Routine, Emergency Info, and Baby First Aid.

At the top of each Nanny Notes page there is space for parents to leave a note to their caregiver. Similarly, there are sections for caregivers to write notes such as whether or not there were any incidents during the day, a message to return or a phone call, and a shopping list. The adorable graphics also include spaces to list what the children ate, when and how long they napped, and when their diapers were changed throughout the day. There is space for nannies to list the indoor and outdoor activities of the children and their mood during the day.

The second section is entitled the Current Routine. The Current Routine
contains pages that allow caregivers and parents to detail the daily routine as detailed or as succinct as they like – the idea is to write down the children's current age sand general routines so that you don't have to re-write it each time a different person babysits.

The third section entitled Emergency Info allows families to record all the essential contact information they need to keep close at hand. Everything from the parents’ work telephone numbers, emergency contact information, health insurance information, a child's list of allergies, and the poison center number are stored safely here.

The last section covers the following four important infant first aid topics: CPR, choking, poisoning, and burns.

There are spiral nanny notebooks available as well that you can learn more about at

I urge nannies not to forget that to really impress the parents, list developmental milestones and describe funny moments with the children in the daily log.

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