Saturday, February 7, 2009

The What to Expect Baby-Sitter’s Handbook

Weekly Trip to the Library
The What to Expect Baby-Sitter’s Handbook
By Heidi Murkoff

The hurdle for nannies with this book is the title. Professional nannies hate to be called baby-sitters. But, if you can swallow your professional nanny pride and read a book with the term “baby-sitter” in the title, you might find it a concise and useful resource.

The size and shape of the book is appealing. It’s small with spiral bound spine makes it easy to access pages of interest. Some of the topics discussed in the book include: feeding children, playing, bathing, sleeping, discipline, and health and safety of children. Plus, it includes 73 of the most common questions sitters ask.

There is easy access to an emergency information form on the inside of the front cover.

Chapter 12 is my favorite part of the book which includes forms for parents to fill in information about their child's specific needs, routines, how to calm the child, and house rules to share with their childcare provider.

This is an easy to read, quick reference, for in-home childcare providers.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry but I am offended that the titile is written for sitters and yo suggets professional caregivers use this as a reference. Sitters are not professionals. Any high school student could be a sitter. I am a professional, full time, educated, expereinced childcare professional. I am a professional nanny, important word being professional. Baby sitters can simply sit and watch tv while kids snooze in their beds. I work 60 hours per week raising the kids: feeding them, creating lesson plans, keep them clean, safe, maintain thier belongings, laundry, and home. Don't call me a sitter!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG you have to be kidding me anonymous above. Get over yourself. Who cares about "titles" as long as you are respected by those you work for!