Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Negotiating Success Part III

Be Prepared With a Positive Attitude
By Lora Brawley, http://www.allaboutnannycare.com/

We have already discussed that before negotiating, nannies must know what they want and what they offer. But, they also must be prepared before negotiating with employers.

Be Prepared:
Negotiation is all about finding a workable solution. Never enter a negotiation without potential solutions. Consider extra benefits as valuable perks. If the family cannot afford to pay you $1,000 per week, are you willing to accept more paid days off per year or medical benefits as compensation? In most cases, the solution will depend upon what your employer brings to the table. Be prepared for a variety of scenarios.

This does take some thought and planning but finding a great solution to the issue you’re facing is well worth it.

Attitude is Everything:
The way you envision the outcome of your conversation plays a huge part in the actual outcome.

We often teach lessons that we forget to use in our own lives. Imagine you’re caring for a child who is negotiating with a parent for a special privilege or a friend for the sharing of a favorite toy. Do you encourage the child to continue in negative way of thinking or encourage her to focus on the positive, on what great things can come of it? Of course you tell her to focus on the positive because you know that her thinking will impact her outcome. But when we’re faced with our own negotiations, often our first response is to fall into all too familiar negative, defeating self-talk.

Develop your communication skills. Very few people are born great communicators. You must invest time and energy into learning how to effectively express your needs and feelings.

Tomorrow: Negotiating a New Job.

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Anonymous said...

A positive attitude works both ways. I feel completely demoralized working for a mother that nit picks and micro manages my every move. I got my raise at the annual review but money isn't everything. The mom boss brought up insignificant stuff that happened months ago. ONCE I left the diaper bag messy. ONCE. Yet she had to make a point at the review that it would be helpful if I could make sure the diaper bag is clean and organized at the end of each week. ONCE I left it messy. Without hearing compliments for my hard work and sincere thank yous what is there to inspire me to stay? I want to work for parents that can thank me freely and work with me rather than micro manage and comaplain to me.
North West New Jersey

Michelle said...

Attitude is everything. I don't like ironing at all, but I have lost job offers when asked if I iron and I grimaced.

The job I have now offered me $200 more per week and only additional chore is ironing. I spend at most per week one hour ironing and for $200 more it's totally worth it.

Ladies go to each interview with an open mind and see what can happen.