Monday, August 30, 2010

Do Your Charges Have Facebook Accounts?

On Facebook, Kids Often Don't Know Who "Friends" Are

NEW YORK (CBS) You may think kids are behaving responsibly online and know everyone they talk to on Facebook. But in a startling new AOL survey conducted by The Nielsen Company more than half of the children surveyed - 54 percent - said they don't personally know all of the friends accepted into their social network.

Sound scary?

Well, parents are trying to stay involved in their kids' online lives. According to the survey, 76 percent of parents with kids on Facebook claim to have "friended" their teens.

But 29 percent of teenagers apparently would have their parents butt out, saying they're ready to "un-friend" their parents if given the choice. And who do they want out of their social networking lives the most? Mom. These kids are twice as likely to want to "un-friend" mom versus dad.

What can parents do if their child decides to "un-friend" them or hide online? There's a variety of software programs available to monitor your child's habits both on his or her phone and online. Check out a few of the best featured on "The Early Show."

Do your charges have Facebook accounts?


Steph 6 said...

No, my charges do not have facebook accounts. They do have email accounts and are allowed to text on their cell phones which is just crazy to me. They oldest is 11 yr old and youngest with a phone is 7 yrs which is just too young to text IMO.

Anonymous said...

Much to young for that!! But the articles you've posted re: dangers of posting your charge's pictures/photos online and this is scary. I don't know why the older kids are allowed to have computers in their rooms where I work. All articles warn against it.

Anonymous said...

Yes they do and I caught one of my teen charge in photos drinking beers with his friends. Idiots. Obviously I showed the parents and he got in a lot of trouble. Ladies don't post their photos on your facebook pages. Any of your friends, friends can see the photos.

Anonymous said...

No. I care for an 8 and an 11 year old. We routinely use MY account to play fun (and educational) games like prolific or geo-challenge or to brag about accomplishments (using only initials, no names), or share funny stories. The kids are both obsessed with who responds to these posts, how many people respond, etc. It's a fun way for them to be a part of my community :). Beth Lipinski Anderson

Anonymous said...

No!They are 13 and 11 so not yet!! Sherri

Tobago Nanny said...

No they don't have FB accounts and I hope they don't for a long time. I have seen terrible stuff from former charges of mine. Teens drinking beers at parties. Really have to be careful with kids and technology.