Sunday, October 3, 2010

Does Your Charge Spit Up a Lot?

Product Review Sunday - The OopC!

OopC! is one of the best bibs. The absorbent material, large size, and easy side snap make this the best bib for nannies and au pairs.

It is large enough to cover baby and caregiver and doubles as a burp cloth. As a burp cloth, the OopC! wrap style covers shoulder and upper arms often missed by other bibs (which is where the acid reflux often ends since it shoots out). The bib snaps are out of baby’s reach, but easily reached by caregiver in the front.

The OopC! is reversible. They have a Patent Pending on this innovation that will change the way you think about bibs!

You can buy it online by clicking here. Or, click here to find stores that sell the OopC! bib and burp cloth.

Have you tried the OopC! bib and burp cloth? What's your favorite bib or burp cloth?


Anonymous said...

Yes I care for a baby that has reflux but the doctors don't want to prescribe meds because then it becomes habitual. Since the baby isn't losing weight they think it's best not to use reflux acid reducers or her system will always need the acid reducer.

My other thought is the parents bought the wrong bottles. I see your reviews of bottle previously and it seems there are specific bottles for babies that have a lot of spit up (like Dr Browns) so I don't understand why we haven't tried other bottles.

Your bib sounds great and I'm going to order one now because I am literally changing shirts during the day from so much spit up.

Covered in spit up nanny
McLean VA

Anonymous said...

My favorite bib/burp cloth is by Aden and Anais: Muslin burp cloth/bib.

lovebeingananny said...

That would be a YES the baby spits up like crazy. I will definitely purchase this bib right now! Thanks for the product review!

Dr Brown said...

Whenever I hear of babies spitting up I think of the baby bottle they use. Try Dr Browns for babies that spit up. It works.