Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Survey Shows How Nannies Find Jobs Has Changed

More Nannies Use Nanny Web Sites to Find Nanny Jobs

In 2007 Be the Best Nanny Newsletter asked 503 nannies how they found their nanny jobs. Then, we asked 618 nannies the same questions in September, 2010.

It appears that with new technology comes new ways to find nanny jobs.

In our most current poll 38% of nannies say they found their current nanny job on a nanny web site compared to 20% three-years ago. And although 42% nannies found their nanny jobs with the help of nanny placement agencies three-years ago, this year only 19% of the nannies that took our poll answered they found their current job with the help of nanny placement agencies.

How Nannies Found Jobs in 2007
42% Nanny Placement Agency
20% Nanny Web Sites
15% Word-Of-Mouth
15% Classified Ads in Printed Publications

How Nannies Found Jobs in 2010
38% Nanny Web Site
29% Word-Of-Mouth
19% Nanny Placement Agency
14% Craigslist

How did you find your most current nanny job?


Steph 6 said...

Sign of the times. Every industry has been transformed by the Internet. Not surprising we are using web sites more and more for every industry. Glad my placement agency is still around but I also post online because there are more families to choose from that way. My current boss only used her agency until this year when she found me on a nanny web site. Can't stop technological progress.

Lisa said...

I have loved working with brick and mortar agents in the past. But as the internet has grown and evolved there are a lot more DIY in all arenas. Many service agencies like travel for example have suffered too. There will be parents who will always want the comfort of brick and mortars. But any business in our industry needs to figure out a strategy that makes their candidates and families better and special and market that. I don't just mean cost.

Sara said...

Very interesting results. Sad for agencies but so true. The web sites just make it so easy!! I use both but more options online.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for a job for a few months. My agency told me of a great family they wanted me to meet. But the family didn't end up signing with the agency. Then I found the family on I asked the agency if it was the same name and it was. The family ended up finding me for so much less on sittercity and I feel terrible for the agency since they didn't get the commission.

Sandrea said...

What I found most compelling was that of the agencies you quoted in your first article a few years ago over 20% are now out of business. Meanwhile, it's clear the nanny web sites are thriving. It's happened to airlines, travel agents, book publishers.... sign of the times.

lovebeingananny said...

I have so many complaints about nanny websites. First they allow parents to post jobs under minimum wage. Next, there are scams and cons to beware of. The parents aren't guided by an agency owner who has experience in making work agreements. I just think it is scary putting personal information online for anyone (inlcuding scammers) to find information about me. I will just keep using my nanny agency. The salaries are better and easier process in all.

Eva said...

There is just so much info online now parents and nannies can search for jobs themselves. I'll always use both my favorite nanny agency and nanny websites. It's just easier to do it yourself these days. But it's true no one is screened online.

AuPairDebbie said...

Not surprising. The sites just get better and better and easier to use. Just more convenient all around.

Anonymous said...

Great news for nanny website owners! Bad news for nanny agencies.

Nick said...

I really enjoyed this article. It is always nice when you read some thing that is not only informative but entertaining.