Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Are You a Nannygate Statistic?

Nannies, Do You Pay Your Taxes?

Nannygate has become the popular term for employers who don't pay their household employee's taxes. Nannygate is an epidemic in America. We won't pretend anyone likes to pay taxes. But, there are many great benefits to being paid legally.

1. History of Legitimate Employment

2. Unemployment Benefits

3. Disability Benefits

4. Workers Compensation

5. Social Security & Medicare

If you don't pay taxes, why aren't you tax compliant?


Anonymous said...

In my experience, many employers treat it like a benefit, rather than the law. I've only been on the books in two jobs. Once when I worked for a lawyer and my last job, when I requested it. The other employers made it clear in interviews that paying on the books was something they just "couldn't afford". I made some very unprofessional and rash choices over the course of my nanny career. It's up to us to pony up to pay the tax AND to only accept employment from those who are willing to pay "above the table".

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely paid on the books. I wouldn't have it any other way since it is the law!

Anonymous said...

I was working on my taxes this weekend and I paid over $16,000 in taxes already for 2010 and you wonder why people don't want to pay taxes!!!

Anonymous said...

If you don't pay taxes you have no right calling yourself an American citizen!

The reality is people don't save for their retirement or emergency savings when they say the will. Don't you understand you need a record of employment for loans and credit?

Our taxes pay for schools, roads, soldiers and military, disability, and the things we want from our country and government and that we complain about if we don't have.

You don't pay taxes you don't get the benefits of being an American citizen. You don't pay taxes you aren't a legal citizen!

But, if you don't pay taxes you are illegal (no better than an illegal alien) and shouldn't call yourself a citizen.