Monday, August 15, 2011

"Be the Best Nanny Newseltter" Welcomes You to Repectfully Disagree

Recently some others and I were censored on a nanny site when we commented on the topic of Domestic Workers Rights Bill. On one site, remarks were directed at me personally, yet I was not allowed to respond. My comments to these posts were calm, with no personal attacks or shrill remarks.

When I presented details of the DWRB on the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter blog I made the effort to represent the views of both sides of the issue, and I urged opponents and proponents to post their opinion on the blog. In my opinion piece on the topic I also welcomed and allowed differing opinions, and continue to do so. I have never censored a comment.

My promise to readers of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter and our blog is that I will welcome all comments on this site, regardless of whether I agree with the opinion or not. Though I retain the editorial option to delete abusive posts, I have never needed to. The comments by readers of this site have overwhelmingly been thoughtful, insightful, and civil. I express my deep appreciation.

Please feel free to respectfully comment to any opinion piece or any topic discussed in Be the Best Nanny Newsletter or on our blog. We welcome all opinions.


Michelle said...

My comments have often been deleted on nanny blogs but I'm not as calm and diplomatic as you Steph. I once wrote at the end of an article on regarding nannies that the author who was a nanny agency owner had illegal jobs posted on her web site. See, I was trying to find a job and when the agency owner posts jobs IN CASH and allows them to be posted I think that's unethical. It's illegal to no pay taxes, tax evasion is a crime, I told the truth, it was deleted. But, I get it I was too emotional. Thanks for not deleting my comments. I think Tales of Nannyhood and Lisa Werth have been very emotional too but you never deleted Tales or LIsa's comments either. Thanks.

Buffi said...

Well said, Stephanie. Thank you for providing a true board for all people, not just those you agree with. You exemplify the meaning of the 1st Amendment, although technically the gov't isn't trying to stifle our speech, just the powers of the nanny world that be :)