Sunday, June 10, 2012

Products Nannies Love: BusyBody Family Organizers

The Busy Body Book's Weekly GRID format will keep every nanny's, au pair's, and family's busy schedule organized. There are five columns that allow you to schedule five family members or activities all on the same page.

This 7"W x 10"H spiral bound organizer is laid out in a unique weekly grid format. On each page, you will find five roomy columns -- one each for up to five individual family members to plan, organize, and coordinate their busy schedules. These grid columns can also be used for work projects, meal planning, workout routines, holiday arrangements, daily chores, and more. Either way, this organizer makes it easy to view overlapping schedules and avoid double booking.

This planner can be used in conjunction with either the school year or calendar year -- depending on how you set your schedule. The "academic" version runs from August of one year to September of the next -- or the "calendar year" version which runs from January thru December.

A handy deep pocket on the inside back cover provides space for storing important and often-referenced papers. And the convenient size make this planner very portable.

The Busy Body Book also feature monthly planners, months at a glance, removable shopping lists, and, plenty of room for notes. There are monthlies for anniversaries, next years' appointments, colorful stickers to flag special or routine evernts, and separate contact pages for kids and adults.

There is also a 7 Column Weekly Fridge Grid Pad, which I love, because all of our scheduling begins on the fridge. The pad has plenty of room to write on it and has secure magnets.

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