Thursday, August 30, 2012

9 Ways to Lose Your Nanny By Rosalind Prather

Rosalind Prather of Trusting Connections contacted us and personally asked us to discuss her article found in an article by she wrote for the Tuscon Citizen. The nanny agency owner lists nine ways for parents to lose their nanny. To see the entire article please click here.

1. Tardiness

2. Unorganized Chaos

3. Unclear Expectations

4. Unrealistic Expectations.

5. Unfair or Untimely Pay

6. Hovering

7. Inconsistent Parenting

8. Pets, Grandma and Dust Bunnies

9. Poor Communication 

We were given permission by Rosalind Prather to discuss her article. Rosalind Prather a local “momtrepreneur,” is a former professional nanny and currently co-owns Trusting Connections, Tucson’s premier nanny agency. For more information visit

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Anonymous said...

Most nannies I know would resent having to do extra. I think it's nannies like you and I that make more money becasue we like to help out. Better to organize than be bored.