Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Never Be Condescending to Your Boss

Nanny Confessions: Keep Your Attitude in Check

I confess, working as a nanny for 20-years I have developed some pretty strong opinions about how to raise children. I have a point of view on the best way to get infants on a sleep schedule, how to potty train them, and a preferred philosophy about disciplining kids.

But, while I do sell the fact that I have many years of working experience and a college degree when interviewing for nanny jobs – what has landed me my jobs is my attitude. No matter my age or my expertise, respecting the parents’ choices and opinions, and humbly following their directions, may be more important than many years of know-how.

Many of the parents I have worked for have had completely different parenting styles. While it may have upset me in the past when I thought a parent was too strict or too lenient, what I have noticed is that all of my previous charges have turned out great! They are all growing into wonderful young women and men (despite a few natural growing pains along the way).

So this week, I confess that while I do think it’s okay to gently share my insight with my employers, it’s vital not to overstep professional boundaries. Whenever I feel I know a better way to raise a child, I must always remember that I am not the parent of the kids left in my care.

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Lotus Flower said...

I was googling about a nanny who is condescending and found this article spot on. I have twins, so must allow the nanny to be with one of them sometimes. The problem is that she does things she considers better for my children. Keeps asking if I have this or if I am going to buy them food, like I need a reminder from a stranger so that my 16 month old toddlers don't starve. It is this attitude of knowing things first or better than me. Like telling me to be careful or take more snacks or what stuffed animals they like better... I want a child minder who is profesional, respectful of my time with my babies. She talks over me even and it feels like a presence constantly here with us. I think it like moms are the most adorable, sweetest concert and then the nanny intervenes, interrupts like having a construction drill that doesn't allow the kids to enjoy mum fully. Some nannies should understand that the most important bonds for children are based on love and constant moments they share with parents. A nanny who corrects mommy or undermines her in q way, is taking away from a beautiful bond...