Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Shocking Confessions of a Nanny!

When I click on this story and read posts like the one written by this "nanny" I instinctively feel that the author is not merely exaggerating and that much of the narrative is fictional, but that it isn't even written by a professional nanny.

I want to scream, "It's a free country find another job!" I thought the same way while I was reading Nanny Diaries by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus.

What are your feelings about such anonymous narratives?


Anonymous said...

You know what steams me? Even the author identifies herself as a babysitter...and the headline screams "NANNY" tells all!

"Nanny" has become identified in the public's mind with scandal and outrage. Honestly, the NANC credentialling process can't come soon enough for me. We SO need to turn that preconception around!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to read the professional advice and material you include in your publication and that is shared by the INA NANC APNA NAEYC rather than rantings of a person who just hates her job and has a bad attitude. I think she's probably just writing that #@!%&*+! to get professional caregivers like those who subscribe to this newsletter to get angry and post on the website. Just trying to get emotional responses. She must know it's just stupid and outrageous what she wrote.
Maria in New York

Anonymous said...

Clear example of a "babysitter" NOT a Nanny.
A nanny would understand those types of situations and be mature about it- and look for resources to help the children.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorrier for the parents than the sitter. She's being ridiculous commenting on the shirt the mother wears and such. No one would ever keep a job or deserve the job with that attitude!

Anonymous said...

The ranting babysitter gives a bad name to all in home childcare providers. Seriously bad attitude. As she tries to complain she exposes herself as having a bad attitude too. I really don't think this post is even true. Granted nannies, sitters and au pairs complain (as do the parents that hire them) but not this much. Give me a break lady. She can't be serious. Happy Nanny, Marlboro, NJ