Friday, January 2, 2009

Results: Did the Economy Affect Nanny Bonuses?

The Results Are In

After posting our article, Did the Economy Affect Nanny Bonuses?, the results of our Best Nanny Newsletter Blog poll asking nannies if their end of year bonus was affected by the economy is complete.

Eighty-eight (88) nannies replied to the poll. Fifty-one nannies (58%) answered "No," their holiday bonus was not affected by the economy. Thirty-five nannies (40%) said, "Yes," their bonus was affected by the economy.

Was your end of the year bonus affected by the economy?

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Anonymous said...

I got over $2,000 end of year bonus. It was definitely not a reflection of a economic recession.

Lara Nanny of two boys

Anonymous said...

I work in NJ and my bonus was fine. I got what I had expected. Nice to read what other nannies think.
Maria, Nanny in NorthWest NJ

Anonymous said...

I work as a live out, full time nanny with three years experience. I had a great year. My bonus went up a littie which was great.
Happy New Year!
Sarah B

Anonymous said...

My bonus was same as last year, about two weeks salary plus gifts.
K. Lawlor Nanny Northern NJ

Anonymous said...

My Bosses gave me a generous cash bonus and the boys gave me some gifts I wanted.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!


Anonymous said...

The mother I work for was laid off along with 1500 others from her company. I lost my job in the beginning of November, I have since moved back home and started working where I worked before I came to the East Coast. Needless to say, I didn't get a bonus.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to say I got three weeks bonus and a few great gifts and the family seems to be thriving. Nanny in NJ