Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Children's Books for Nannies and Au Pairs

Weekly Trip to the Library

Love One Another: The Last Days of JesusBy Lauren Thompson
For Ages: All
Publisher: Scholastic
This book retells the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The simple, straightforward text is enhanced by the sensitive artwork of Elizabeth Uyehara, oil painting on canvas done in a primitive style. She effectively illustrates the story without using images that would frighten small children. The positive ending, as the tomb is emptied and Jesus appears to his despondent disciples, stresses his universal message of peace, love, and forgiveness. The book is appropriate for non-Christian readers, as no mention is made of Jesus's divinity or the exclusivity of Christianity.

The Story of EasterBy Patricia A. Pingry
Publisher: Ideals Publications
For Ages: Infant to Preschool
The book discusses the celebration of Easter and the story of Jesus' life, Resurrection, and love. It shares the basic religious values surrounding the Easter season at a level that the toddler can relate to.

EasterBy Miriam Nerlove
For Ages: 3 to 6
Publisher: Albert Whitman
With rhyming text and simple illustrations, Miriam Nerlove tells the story of a brother and sister and their family’s Easter celebration. It includes decorating Easter eggs, finding Easter baskets full of candy, going to church and hearing the Easter story, enjoying a family dinner with their grandparents, going on an Easter egg hunt, and sharing candy eggs. This is a good book to use to introduce a child to the various aspects of Easter celebrations.

Queen of Easter
By Mary Engelbreit
For Ages: 4 to 8
Publisher: HarperCollins
Anne Estelle wants a fancy Easter hat so she can be "Queen of Easter" in the neighborhood Easter parade. She is very disappointed when her mother buys her a plain hat. When Ann Estelle leaves her new hat on the porch, a robin builds a nest in it and lays eggs. What's Ann Estelle to do? There's lots of fun in this picture book written and illustrated by Mary Engelbreit. Her colorful borders and crisp illustrations are a joy. At the back of the book is a nice surprise: an Ann Estelle paperdoll, complete with an Easter dress and hat.

The Story of Easter
By Christopher Doyle
Publisher: Concordia Publishing House
For Ages: 5 to12 years old
This is the Easter story based on the biblical accounts in Matthew 21-26, Luke 22-23, John 13, 17-21, and Acts 2. Doyle effectively captures the drama and significance of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection in his narrative. I particularly like John Hayson’s delicate, yet dramatic, watercolor illustrations. It covers Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem through Pentecost.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good choices for Easter books. I had to babysit for a few hours this morning and we went to the library and brought this list. The twin girls love, love, love Queen of Easter and I think the parents will appreciate the two books describing the Easter story as intended by religion. Thanks! Mariah in Manhattan