Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Comment About Nannies Vs. Daycare

Click this link to continue the conversation about daycare versus nanny care for toddlers.


Anonymous said...

Nannies provide individual care following the specific needs and desires of the parents about nutrition, learning and discipline. Babies are held more often, comforted when crying with a nanny. Your child is cared for in the comfortable environment of your home. Nannies can transport kids to activities and doctor visits. It is more convenient for parents. Nannies are more flexible with schedule. Parents do not have to dress and pack up kids to transport them to outside care. Less illness from other children. Parents are not required to find sick care for their child or to take as much time off to care for a sick child.

Plus, nannies can run errands, tidy the home, wash laundry, and more. Obviously daycares do not help parents in other parts of the parent's lives or homes.

When infants go to daycare they will get sick more frequently until their immune system is mature. Taking children to a daycare center can be inconvenient and very time consuming. Daycares do not transport your chldren to activities or doctor visits. It is a fact of life that daycare centers pay their employees very low wages. Consequently, turnover is high. If consistency in care providers is important to you, this may not be the best option. If your child is very ill, daycare centers will not allow your child to attend. You will need to find back up care or be prepared to take days off from work. Many daycare centers dictate when your child should be off the bottle, pacifier, take naps and so on. If the idea of someone else calling the shots with your child's routine turns you off, you may not like this form of care for your child. If your work hours are longer than the standard hours of operation for the daycare center, you will need to arrange for drop off and/or pickup by either a family member or another childcare provider

Typically there is a lower turn over for nannies than au pairs. Au pairs are not allowed to work more than 45 hours per week since au pairs are in a cultural exchange program. So, for those parents that can afford nannies it's typically the best care (especially for infants).

Anonymous said...

The main issue is that most families can't afford a nanny especially when they lose their jobs. The ultra wealthy can still keep their nannies because they have enough in savings and need to keep their caregiver so they can interview for new jobs. But the average mother like me struggling to make ends meet opts for high school kid across the street and daycare center.

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