Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bill would require background checks on people who work inside other's homes

Article from macon.com
By Amy Leigh Womack

This summer we discussed that some nanny web sites have misleading advertisements claiming they have pre-screened nannies on their sites. Click here to see the beginning of the series about misleading advertising.

The discussion lead us to share how parents must complete background checks on in-home childcare providers. Click here to see how to properly conduct a background check.

Today, Kathy Webb of HomeWork Solutions brought the following bill to our attention that would require background checks on all people who work inside other's homes found on macon.com. Click here to read the article.

As a nanny or an au pair you think all household employees should be required to have a background check?


Anonymous said...

Good idea.
Nanny of 13 yrs
Tiffany Mendez

Anonymous said...

Obviously anyone spending a lot of time in your home should be checked including housekeepers, nannies, chefs, dog walkers, etc.

But, at the same time if a homeowner is willing to tak the risk than it is their risk to take.

It might be hard to check every electrician and plumber, but if we had an online directory it might be simple and not expensive to do.

Another problem is many convicts work in constrution type jobs, painters, plumbers, carpet installation and so on. Can we deprive them of jobs?

Why not require anyone with a license to first have a background check prior to getting a lisence?

Very difficult to do, but it may be worth it.

Anonymous said...

People working in private homes should all have a background check and yes, the government should require it. If you hire someone not "licensed" or "bonded" or "certified" (or however the government decides to do it) then it is done illegally and at your own risk.

Don't we already do that with specilized contractors? For example, if you decide to hire an illegally unlicensed plumber and he messes up your house it's your fault for hiring the guy not licensed to practice that job.

It is a brilliant idea to make it a law. People will still break the law and hire a rapist or convict because that might be cheaper and then it is their own fault.

Dena L.in Atlanta Georgia

Anonymous said...

I just tried to look up the International Nanny Assoc background check guidelines but couldn't find it on their website.
Anyone know the link to find it?

Anonymous said...

I found this article very upsetting. It amazes me that the rationale behind not requiring background checks on people working in private homes is that it would make it difficult for convicted felons to continue to do this type of work, violating their rights. I hadn't thought a lot about the risks employing others coming into a home. But it is really scary. I have nannied for several families who had contractors doing home rennovations and some of the workers were a bit creepy. One of my employers felt that the contractor was likely using day laborers for some of the unskilled work. I was concerned at the time, but never considered that something like this could happen. If the above rationale is being used to block this bill, there are obviously a lot of convicted felons working in homes. I find that truly frightening!

Anonymous said...

If family isn't going to protect their kin no one will.