Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Decorations for Nannies and Au Pairs

Halloween Garland

It is easy to make Halloween garland to decorate a playroom. We used typical 8-1/2 by 11 inch construction paper. For the ghost we used white paper, for the pumpkin we used orange paper, and you can use black paper for a bat or witch's hat if you like.

1. First we placed the paper lengthwise on a table and folded the paper equally in half horizontally. Then we cut the paper into a long rectangles.

2. Next we folded the paper into even sections accordian-style. We folded it into four sections (depending on the size of paper you might fold it into three to eight equal sections).

3. If you care for young children simply trace a circle for the pumpin on orange paper and a ghost on the white paper for the children to cut out using safety scissors. Older children can do it themselves. You can always trace a bat template or witch's hat onto black paper for those designs.

4. Make sure that the edges are straight and overlap a little on each folded side of paper in order to form the chain.

5. Have the children cut out the chain or if they are too young, you can cut out the chain for them.

6. Allow the children to decorate the ghosts and pumpkins. We only used markers above but you can use glitter, google eyes, yarn, scraps of fabric, or paint to decorate the paper chains as well.

7. Cut as many chains as you need and tape or glue them together to form a long garland for display. We interchanged the ghosts and pumpkins until we covered the playroom wall.

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