Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February To-Do List

Monthly Reminder for Busy In-Home Childcare Providers

February is a busy month. February is Black History Month, government offices and banks close to honor President's Day, many celebrate the Chinese New Year, and we celebrate Valentine's Day. But, February is also the shortest month, so don't forget to pay your bills on time and take care of yourself during this busy month.

Many find February is a gloomy month. Exercise will brighten your spirits and help achieve fitness. A vigorous walk at the mall is more rewarding than watching a television show.

File your taxes:
If you are due a refund, file your taxes as soon as possible. Online tax programs are simple to use, inexpensive, and your refund can be direct-deposited.

Have a heart:
Valentine's Day is a perfect time to remember all your loved ones, and it is also a great time to consider your heart health by reviewing you diet.

Conserve your cash:
February is the shortest month; your bills come due quicker than usual. Plan ahead.

Use your gift cards:
Some of those gift cards you received for Christmas may start to lose value now. Redeem them before you misplace them.

Review your credit card rates:
Credit card issuers have responded to Federal consumer rights laws by increasing fees, increasing rates, and increasing minimums. Pay-off and close those cards that offer the costliest deals.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable ideas! I will use them today!
Maria Lopez
Miami FL