Friday, February 5, 2010

Review of the Breastflow BPA-Free Baby Bottle for Nannies and Au Pairs

Breastflow is the only BPA-free baby feeding system that requires both suction and compression, just like breastfeeding. The nipple is designed to mimic the breast so baby can latch on and to encourage the same mouth and tongue position as breast feeding. The double nipple system requires both suction and compression, just like breast feeding and baby controls the flow of milk. It's the bottle most like breastfeeding. Because Breastflow bottles so closely mimic the feel and action of breastfeeding, caregivers can bottle feed baby while Mom is working and Mom can still continue to breastfeed.

Breastflow BPA-Free

  • BPA-free
  • Glass feeding bottle is safe
  • Special nipple allows baby to control flow of milk
  • Wide opening making pouring easy
  • Comes with Silicone nipple & protective cap


  • Some nipple collapse
  • Many crevices to clean

What has been your experience using Breastflow baby bottles?


AuPairDebbie said...

The babies love them, I just don't like nipple collapse.

Anonymous said...

These are great bottles for nursing moms that go back to work because the baby still has to work to get the milk, it keeps here sucking like she needs to when mom gets home. We did have to buy some replacement nipples. When you boil them the color fades therefore I am scared chemicals may be getting into the milk. But otherwise a great system.
-- Nanny Farrah

Anonymous said...

The baby I care for loves these bottles. But, we are having a problem with them leaking. I'm wondering if maybe we are doing something wrong?
Newborn Specialist
Nanny Nancy

Anonymous said...

Nancy I have the same problem I don't think U R doing anything wrong. They leak occasional and not easiest to clean but the baby I care for is doing great on these bottles.

Anonymous said...

Funny others mentioned leaks since I have had no leaks at all. My Mom Boss can switch from breast feeding and me and dad to bottle and then back onto the breast with no fuss!
Madiera Beach

Anonymous said...

These Breastflow bottles have a slow flow rate so that babies are less likely to develop a "flow preference" for bottle (e.g. if breast takes longer to let down or has low supply). Feeding takes longer because of this.

Anonymous said...

I hated that the nipple collapses.
But I like that the top of lid is flat so that you can stand bottle up when lid is on bottom. I also like the little blue storage container. It is great for holding powdered formula and pops onto bottom of bottle. Sides can be pushed inwards to create a pouring "spout" and minimize spills.
Nanny & Household Manager
Tasha, Seattle

Anonymous said...

Do not use in microwave or hot dishwasher. Very hard to find these in local stores. When we first used the bottles they leaked all over. As soon as you take the top off the bottle the milk that is stuck in the nipple gets all over the place.
San Pedro CA

Anonymous said...

When the mom went back to work we started using these bottles but it took the daughter too long to feed. She had to work so hard. The blue ring was too tight and prevented air flow that would allow the milk to flow. When I fixed that it by loostening it she did eat quicker but a lot of the milk leaked all over her. The nipple collapses and is hard for her to keep suction. .Baby does not like this nipple at all .Basically this is far too complex.
Mom, Assist Daycare,Nanny
Donna Stuart
Arlington TX

Mother on the brink said...

I bought 8 of these breastflow bottles and now I realized that I've totally wasted money buying them. They leak so bad that I decided to throw them away after less than a month of using. Total waste of money.
Not recommended at all.