Friday, July 9, 2010

A Celebrity that Respects Her Nanny!

Brook Burke Speaks to NY Daily News

By Moms and the City

In a NY Daily News interview, by "Moms and the City," Brook Burke is interviewed about hiring a nanny.

Brook Burke is quoted as saying, "I’ve been committed to consistency. I never like a lot of change for the children. But at the same time you’re so blessed to have people with you who are consistent and help you manage your life and raise your children. I’ve had someone with my older daughters who I’ve had for 10 years which is amazing."

When asked, "How would you describe your relationship with your nanny?"

Brook Burke answered, "This is someone really integrated into your family so it’s an extremely intimate relationship. Really know that they are there to make your life and your family’s life easier. I’ve found the most successful relationship is a professional one. If you really define what’s expected of someone you are setting them up to succeed. As a younger mom I probably wasn’t as detailed in regards to what I needed and what I expected. Like any employee relationship you need to teach them what you want and give them a chance to do it well and to set them up to succeed. I think there is a loving factor when it comes to children and that is very important that the person you employ will agree with your family style."

And when asked what qualities she looks for in a nanny she said, "Discipline, organization, compassion, experience. I think referrals are huge - and loyalty. You have to take into account your own personality traits and make sure they are really gonna blend. There is nothing worse then someone working in your home who is rubbing you the wrong way. And also confidentiality. I also have someone sign a confidentiality agreement because it’s very personal. You don’t want nannies talking to other nannies on your block and in the neighborhood because they really know your business. Industry or not industry if you’re in a community the nannies could start a pow wow and you definitely don’t want everybody to start discussing your business. You want people to respect the privacy of your own home, right?"

To read the entire interview visit the Moms and the City blog at the NY Daily News by clicking here.

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