Saturday, July 17, 2010

What's Your Vote?

Should the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter Blog Continue to Allow Anonymous Comments?

to Allow Anonymous Comments
"No" to No Longer Allow Anonymous Comments

To reduce the risk of "flaming" from anonymous visitors, readers of the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter blog have asked that commenters be required to register. Registration would not require any private contact information be revealed.

Registration would require the commenter to have one of the following:

1. Google account, (gmail address or easy to make with any current email address and password),
2. WordPress account (http://(username),
3. LiveJournal account (http://(username),
4. TypePad account(, or
5. AIM or AOL account ( name).

Should we require commenters to register?
"Yes" to allow anonymous postings or
"No" to not allow anonymous postings.

Comment below or email with your vote!


AuPairDebbie said...

No, let's be done with anonymous postigs!

Michelle said...

Go ahead and have people register or sign in so they must be a little bit accountable or responsible for what they write.

NO no longer allow anonymous comments.


Imani O said...

YES let people write anonymously because you get more colorful responses that way. Some people won't take the time to register either.

Imani O

Fiona Littleton said...


Lisa said...

I have participated on various discussion boards.

One is Kathy Webb's nannynetwork, where one signs in with a username however it is advised that one should not use their own name or be to revealing of identies of the family they work so that privacy and confidentiality is maintained.

Some flaming has happened on there and while people are still anonymous at least there is a way to track who said what because of the use of user names.

It seems almost dangerous to be a nanny on DC Urban Moms and Nannies and not post anonymous, lots of trolls, lots of what's labelled "angy nannies and angry moms" I posted something once using my own name and was accused by some ones of saying what I said because of self promotion of my business. I don't have a business. So I have gone back to being anonymous there.

A third one which is nannies only is one I have issues with because a reporter once came onto the NannyNetwork discussion board to glean information to write an article. It wasn't a very accurate reflection of our industry but the site was named and at least everyone is anonymous. But this third site I had been on isn't anonymous, and while nannies aren't naming families. Many name themselves so if you know this nanny then you know who are they are talking about. And as I mentioned some of this to a MB neighbor who is an attorney how can the owners of that site be 100% certain that those come on to their site are just nannies. Well, no they can't, we all know that. Trolls come everywhere sooner or later, or spies, or even parents.

Because I have long spoke about digital dirt coming back to haunt one in any profession. In spite of what some people may think I do choose words carefully, and if I strong believe in something I will state it. IF I see evidence or have a major gut feeling that something goes against the safety or children and good nannies in the long run I will state it too. I don't make a criticism lightly, I either have a lot of experience or have read up on it or been educated on the topic. Nannies don't want to look like a flamer or be accused of being one, then it somes like they have hostility issues. However, why ignore something that can be so wrong just for the sake of being nice because nannies should be about everything. I have spoken against the assessment because I do care about children and the hard decision their parents make in having to find childcare. I don't believe in marketing false senses of security nor paranoia. And, in speaking up it brought other unnamed flaws with the program to light. I don't find that to be a bad thing.

I name myself here. I provide my website as part of my URL. And through my website people can find out my complete identity. This demonstrates how far I'm ready to go to support my views. Yes, there are times I know the consequences may not be pretty or popular. It might get me outed by a potential employer for better or worse. Nannies may want to label me negatively. But in the long run, I have to answer to my conscience and the well being of families.

Yes some nannies use their names or user names here, but they don't reveal much about their identies.

I don't know what the solution is Stephanie. Who knows maybe needing to identify oneself is the first step some shy novice nannies need in being more assertive. They can practice here so that they can talk better with their bosses down the road.

April said...

NO!!! People are not thinking for themselves and using what others have said other places and putting it as their own words. It is frustrating to be the person who words they actually are.

Anonymous said...

It's sad this board has had to come to this. But it happens sooner or later on every board.

IMO, there are pros and cons to this:

Followers have a better idea of who is leaving the comment.

Comments will be more professional and better thought out.

Some may not post because they don't want their name attached to a comment that may not be positive or feel they can post their true feelings.

Some will not take the time to register or will later forget what name they used to register and just say, "forget it, it's not worth the hassle".

Some just like to stay under the radar.

Tobago Nanny said...


Reyna H said...

They asked us to vote YES or NO not for narratives...

My vote is NO. NO do not allow anonymous posts.

lovebeingananny said...


We still know who the flamer is even when she doesn't post her name.

I think there is a flamer and I think she cuts and pastes from others. Even though she doesn't post her name on all her comments it's still obvious it's her. I would recommend she change her tone because I don't want nannies seen as flamers. But she'll keep posting with her name or not. People don't always know who you are even when you register. But anyone who follows the blog knows who she is if her name is included or excluded from the comment. So if anonymous comments encourages shy caregivers to share important information then anonymous is fine. Just ignore comments from those we don't like.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about us, we can figure out who is a looney and who isn't!
Maria Lopex
Miami FL

Steph 6 said...

Yes allow anonymous posts. You are doing a great job and we know the difference between your ariticles and comments left by others. Let them post anonymously if they wish.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Terri said...

Newspapers don't print unsigned stories or editorials for good reasons. But we all have to filter what we read anyway, so I don't think it really matters. What I don't understand is why a person would want to remain anonymous if they are stating their true opinions. So all that to say, I don't care either way, lol.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No. people should be held accountable. Not ok to ruin others lives simply because you don't agree with them.

Anonymous said...

It's not a bad reflection on the newsletter just the commenter.
Madison WI

Anonymous said...

NO because i am afraid that other authors of articles will avoid being on your blog from mean comments.
Talia S. Houston TX

Anonymous said...

Yes all the lively chat makes my day. Gina Miami

Anonymous said...

Yes! It isn't you flaming so don't worry about what others write. It's hysterical to read anonymous comments. Longer the comments less likely anyone reads them anyway. When there's bad grammar I never continue reading anyway.
Live in nanny, Beth Z, Yardley, PA

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Anonymous said...


Nanny Melissa said...

YES It's just easier to not have to register.

Nanny Melissa
Silver Spring MD