Thursday, July 1, 2010

July To-Do List

A Week, Why, Wireless, Wired, Where

If you are paid weekly, you will have an extra pay day in July. Take the money from that fifth payday and save at least part of that check.

Examine the way that you are using the e-gadgets, the e-conveniences and the e-communications devices you have. Be prudent about the technologies you are using when you should be caring for children, driving, or doing anything else that requires your full attention. No need to text, to chat, or to make a call when a cranky child or reckless driver needs your attention.

Make "bargain" a verb, not a noun. Research prices and be prepared to negotiate. Use coupon sites, shopping comparison sites and auction/negotiating sites to lower your purchasing prices. Check online before you shop.

Pay your bills online. Save on postage, paper, checks, and time. Designate payment on the day the bill is due and hold onto your money longer. Auto pay those monthly bills that must be paid in full each month, such as the utility bills.

Microwave when possible, rather than using the stove or oven. Cook cheaper, quicker, and safer.

Learn to search the Internet more effectively. Google for some useful tips.

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We included this in our agency newsletter thanks!