Thursday, September 9, 2010

Do your charges have a tutor or go to a learning center for extra help?

CBS Discusses What Study Habits to Leave Behind

Myth One: Study in One Spot
The brain makes associations between what is studying and the background sensations that are occurring. Forcing the brain to make multiple associations with the same material, may provide the support needed to improve recall.

Myth Two: Focus on One Skill
Participating in multi-modal learning (reading, speaking, listening) leaves a deeper impression of the material on the brain.

Myth Three: Cram for Tests
Mix up the type of practice being done in a specific subject. Spacing the studying improves later recall. Testing helps this process. Don't underestimate motivation. Find help by using external support like learning center and tutors.

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Do your charges have a tutor or go to a learning center for extra help?


Anonymous said...

The teacher told the mom one of the kids needs reading help of a tutor. Yet, nope. He never got that tutor. Yet never got the tutor. I don't care if a kid is naturally smart or not. But, I certainly think we must do everything possible to make them the best they can be! Infuriating to not get the outside help for the son that needs it so badly! I am not leaving my name for privacy issues.

Claudia said...

The parents force the kids to do their homework in their rooms at their desks. This article shows that you can do homework in different locations. I always found it better to do homework at the dining room or kitchen table so I am close by. It's interesting information.

Maria Lopez said...

I had that problem before when a child needed a tutor and the parents just ignored it and never scheduled it. Big mistake, especially when they can certainly afford it. But despite your financial situation there are plenty of resources that are free through the school. It is hard and I always do my best to encourage learning in each child I care for. But, I'm not trained to do it so outside help is better option.

Anonymous said...

we have a speech therapist does that count as a tutor?