Sunday, September 26, 2010

Have you Used the Bumbo Seat?

Product Review Sunday for Nannies and Au Pairs

The Bumbo Baby Sitter is a portable, soft, lightweight (just three pounds), chair for a baby that can already hold her head up. It's a great way to keep a baby in a safe environment as you and the baby move from room to room.

This infant chair is designed to fit a baby's posture. Babies can sit upright in a Bumbo Seat as soon as they have head control. More importantly, it helps them develop the trunk control they need to sit up on their own. It is recommended by pediatricians, orthopedists, and physical therapists.

This seat also offers another alternative to tummy time for younger babies. If baby doesn't like tummy time, the Bumbo seat may be a more pleasant way to keep baby from laying on his or her back too much.

The soft foam seat is easy to clean and comes in several colors. Some Bumbo Seats come with trays too. This seat is not for use for children over 22 pounds or babies that can arch their backs and tip out of the seat.

A recall of Bumbo Seats was initiated in 2007 because some parents used the seats on high surfaces and their babies were injured by falling from a counter or table. The recall involved adding more warning labels about using the seat on high surfaces or leaving baby unattended. Do not use Bumbo Seats on high surfaces or leave your baby unattended. I recommend the Bumbo Seat for use on the floor only.

When used properly on the floor, Bumbo Seats are still a great way for babies to sit up and look around from a fairly young age.

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Fiona Littleton said...

These seats are really helpful for infants. You won't use them long but for moments you don't have a safer alternative like when you have to go potty or to laundry room, these seats are very helpful.

Sandra said...

We call them the "plop them" chairs. I care for triplets. We have them stationed all over the house. Just "plop them" babies in these chairs!

lovebeingananny said...

I've used them with almost every family I have ever worked for. Oddly this family has bought everything for their baby but not the bumbo seat. I think it would be best. I will be emailing the link to my Mom Boss immediately!

Michelle said...

I love this product it's very easy to use.

Maria said...

Yes many homes I've worked in use these and it's very useful. I like the ones with trays.

Anonymous said...

I love these seats. I nanny multiples and most of my families have these chairs. We used them at meal time when the children were small or whenever they needed a change of scenery!

Anonymous said...

I care for triplets. The Bumbo chair has helped infinitely! It has helped them sit up with a little back support. It is SO easy to clean up! Plus, they just love sitting in it! It's been a lifesaver!