Saturday, November 13, 2010

Books to Help Teach Kids to Tell Time

Wipe Clean Telling Time by Roger Priddy

Review by D. Lowery: In general, I don't get excited by workbooks. They're static, I've yet to see one that is way fun, and what do they really teach? However, this book allows your little learner to figure out an answer, redo a page, or create his or her own response.

Telling time is not an easy concept for kids to learn, and many do not really get the abstract concept of time until they're nine- or 10-years old. But this book helps a kid learn to recognize an analog clock, a digital clock, and written time.

Priddy breaks down the concepts into little chunks per page: if the clock shows 10 o'clock, the child writes down "10 o'clock"; or if the words say 4 o'clock, the child draws the hands onto a clock. Then they get to practice what "one hour later" is. Then it's on to half past, quarter after, quarter 'til.

Each page allows the child to practice over and over what those times are on the clock or in writing. Another page connects the child to "what time do you eat breakfast," or "what time do you go to school," allowing the child to think about what that time might look like and fill in the correct what is for them the correct time. The last page has blank clocks to fill in other important times for events of the day.

This book gives excellent practice. The wipe-clean format is an awesome creative tool for this kind of book. If your child is ready to practice some basic concepts about time and is expressing an interest in time (Mommy, you said we'd go to the pool at 4:00. Is is 4:00?), then get this book. If you child isn't quite ready, then at least wait for the 5+ years recommendation on the cover.

Clockwise: A Time-Telling Tale by Sara Pinto

Thomas's family is always late for things. Thomas thinks that if he only knew how to tell time, he could help his family get where they need to be. Then Thomas meets a clockmaker, who gives him a very special clock and some tips to help him learn to tell time. Award-winning designer and artist Sara Pinto shares what Thomas learned in this beautiful and unique book that teaches kids how to tell time in a unique way.

This book is a great tool to use when helping little ones learn how to tell time. First, read the book to enjoy the story. Then, reread it in sections to reinforce time-telling skills.

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