Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Did You Remember to Vote Today?

It's Election Day

All 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 37 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate will be contested in this election along with 38 state and territorial governorships, many state legislatures, four territorial legislatures and numerous state and local races.

If you forgot to wake up early and vote before work this morning simply ask your employers if you can go vote during the day. Children love pushing the buttons for you. Just remember to bring some hand sanitizer to use on their little hands after voting.

There are many reasons to vote today. According to the Daily News Online, people who consistently vote in elections are the ones to whom politicians give the most attention; they are the ones who are actively sought after, whose opinion matters most in elections. They are the decision-makers.

Nearly every politician has a list of targeted voters, based mostly on voting lists. It's simple math — they go where the votes are. It may sound cynical, but it's more like simple political science. If you are seeking to win, it makes sense to spend your time winning over those who persistently go to the polls.

How do you get on that list? You vote, in local elections, state elections, and presidential elections. Your voting matters. It empowers you.

Did you remember to vote today?

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