Sunday, November 7, 2010

Telly The Teaching Time Clock

Product Review Sunday for Nannies and Au Pairs

Last night Americans turned their clocks back an hour to end Daylight Savings Time. Daylight Savings Time is to make better use of the daylight in the evenings. With the extra hour why not teach kids how to tell time with The Learning Journey Telly The Teaching Time Clock .

The Learning Journey Telly The Teaching Time Clock is a great product to help child learn to tell both analog and digital time using two quiz modes. In the learning mode, Telly teaches time in five minute increments by moving the hands and updating the LCD screen. In the quiz mode, Telly asks children to move the hands on its face to match the time displayed on its screen. Telly also features a real working clock, night-light, and comes with a fun digital watch. Learning to tell time has never been so much fun. But, this product isn't for children under three-years old since it is a choking hazard.

Click here for another great product to help kids tell time.

Do you have any tips on teaching kids time?


Eva said...

Teaching kids time is so hard. I don't think you should even bother before second grade seriously it's just too hard before age 6 or 7.

Lisa said...

Because I use the clock as I means for us to transition easier or let it be the heavy for why we need to be out the door by a certain time I begin teaching it to them as soon as they talk and can comprehend.

Likewise when I say clean up is in 5 minutes, I stick to it so they have a sense of what that amount of times feels like.

Children do get when they are little. Yes it's a lot of repeating but I know at 4 my young charge will at least look to the digital clocks to see the numbers. It's not hard to convert everything when you have two different clocks side by side.

Eva said...

?? trouble with grammar & I'm having difficulty understanding comment from last comment left above??

Time is a very abstract concept. You simply cannot teach a kid that is developmentally ready to be taught to tell time to do so. But it's a great idea to try to teach them about time once a week or so for fun anyway. Even if you just play a time game once a week the child will start learning the concepts.

Love the resources you find for us!