Saturday, December 3, 2011

Teaching Kids About Donating Money

Weekly Trip to the Library

Since the holiday season is the perfect time to teach kids about giving and money management last Saturday we recommended reading Not Your Parents' Money Book by Jean Chatzky with your charges.

One of the author's most basic lessons in the book is to be a financial success you must:

1. You have to earn money.
2. You have to spend less than you earn.
3. You have to save and invest the money that you don't spend so that it can grow into more money.

Here is another series of books written for children I highly recommend to help teach kids about money, saving, and sharing this holiday season.

The Millionaire Kids Club - Putting the "Do" in Donate by Susan Beacham

In this book Dennis can't wait to get to school on Monday to tell his friends about the amazing event that happened at church. On Sunday, Dennis was one of 50 people at church who received $100 from his pastor. But there's a catch: Dennis has to use the money to help someone less fortunate. With advice from his friends, Isaiah, Stephanie, and Sandy, Dennis is sure to think of someone in need. With a little creativity and hard work, the four pals might even figure out a way to turn Dennis' $100 into an even bigger donation. Children between the ages of five and 12 and parents, teacher,s and educators who want to encourage reading literacy and financial literacy will love this book.

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