Sunday, December 4, 2011

Women CEOs need nannies and housekeepers, not cars as part of their salary package, says Ita Buttrose

Great article from Down Under.

WOMEN should demand nannies and housekeepers as part of their salary package to keep their careers on track, Ita Buttrose says.

The publishing queen said if Australia adopted more of a nanny culture, it would help women stay in work, continue to climb the corporate ladder and snare the chief executive's role.

"I am a great believer in packages that include some support for the mother, whether it is a nanny or a housekeeper or whatever," she said.

"You might not get the shares, or you might not get the car, but you balance one out against the other. Of course companies can do it."

"Women who want to continue their careers and have families should ask for that package from their employer and the workplace needs to think about how they are going to offer it."

Ms Buttrose, 69, who used a nanny to care for her young children while she founded the magazine Cleo, spoke to The Sunday Mail to promote the first Australian Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry poll to identify the challenges faced by Australia's 700,000 female entrepreneurs.

Ms Buttrose says businesses are mad not to have more women in decision-making roles and has urged them to pay for nannies to ensure their female staff don't fall off the career ladder.

"Having a nanny made my life infinitely easier and certainly having someone in my home caring for my son was much better than me dropping him into day care," she said.

"It means there is always someone with the child and if the child is sick and there's an important meeting, you can still get there."

"If you occasionally have to work back late your child is not going to starve."

"You are in charge of the routine then and you know what you are doing with your baby, whereas when you drop your baby into day care it is a different routine."

Ms Buttrose said big business needed to offer packages to female employees that included help at home - and women needed to demand it.

Ms Buttrose said she supported enforcing quotas of women in senior management and board positions because "the progress is just too slow".

She said Australia had been sidetracked by getting women on boards and should be concentrating on the more powerful CEO role.

"We got diverted with the boardroom argument."

"Don't forget running the business, being the CEO, is really the big role women should aim for ...It is the CEO that drives change in the business."

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lovebeingananny said...

Amen and for father's too! We have tax credits but they are about two weeks pay a year. Great point and I hope American corporations listen to this advice!

Candi said...

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