Sunday, November 4, 2012

Do You Know Who You are Voting for on Tuesday?

Young voters tend to follow the political party their parents support and vote for the candidates their parents tell them to. But, I found these great quizzes to help you determine if you are voting for the Presidential candidate

Candidate Matching Game by USA TODAY
Click here to take the USA TODAY poll see what the candidates believe.

The Political Party Quiz
Click here to see which party you really should support from the PewResearchCenter's The Political Party Quiz. The Pros and Cons of Controversial Issues is the most comprehensive tool for researching the candidate’s stance on issues is the nonpartisan nonprofit The site provides quotations from Mr. Obama, Mr. Romney and the major third party candidates on more than 60 issues.

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Tobago Nanny said...

I took the quizes and I am voting for the right candidate!