Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nanny Accused of Killing Children Has Facebook Page Supporting Her Innocence

Please "like" the Leo and Lucia Krim Memorial Page on Facebook

Despite alledgedly confessing to police that she killed two children in her care there is a facebook page supporting the innocence of Yoselyn Ortega the nanny accused of killing the Krim children in Manhattan.

Instead of wasting our time looking for another killer (that doesn't exist) I want to encourage nannies to support the Leo and Lucia Krim memorial page on Facebook. Click here to "like" the memorial page.

According to journalists Marina Krim returned to her New York home on October 25 with her youngest daughter to find her children Lucia, six, and Leo, two, dead and their nanny Yoselyn Ortega stabbing herself in the throat.

When Ortega came out of a medically-induced coma, detectives immediately questioned her about the brutal slayings, before charging her with first-degree murder.

Ortega revealed from her hospital bed that she resented her employers because they kept telling her what to do and asked her to do the housework. She also said she was involved in a vicious argument with the children's mother one day before the killings.

Ortega waived her right to have a lawyer present during questioning when she ominously told the detective, 'Marina knows what happened', a source told the New York Times.

RadarOnline reported that Ortega 'told NYPD detectives that she was involved in an epic argument with Marina Krim the day before the children were tragically murdered.'

'Yoselyn also said that when she left at the end of the day before the murders, Marina ignored her when she said good-bye and this made her very, very angry,' Radar's source continued.

Law enforcement officials told the New York Post that Mr. and Mrs. Krim asked their financially-strapped nanny to do simple housework as a way to earn money, thinking they were doing her a good turn. All this did was enrage her. 'She said something like, "I'm paid to watch the children, not clean up and do housework",' a law-enforcement source said of Yoselyn Ortega’s statements to police after she woke up from a medically-induced coma.
Please support the Leo and Lucia Krim memorial page on Facebook.


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Tobago Nanny said...

This is so totally ridiculous because she already confessed!

Farrah said...

She is a monster. It makes no sense at all why anyone would think she is innocent. Thanks for adding link to the memorial page. I hope people support the family rather then the evil killer.

Anonymous said...

I see on your FB page that someone is blaming the Obama administration for the killing because of a law suit the father filed against Kevin Krim. I don't have a FB account to answer the comment directly but that is the most outlandish comment possible. Sounds like the most paranoid comment I ever heard.

Fiona Littleton said...

I think we should focus on the children and stop wasting energy on the killer. She makes all of us look bad.

Michelle said...

I understand that her family wants to help her but this seems like a terribly insensitive way to do it. The media and police strongly believe she killed these kids and all crazy other made up stories just hurts others. Thanks for the link to facebook that memorializes the kids. The nanny will have her day and court and likely be found guilty. She did it not the mother of the kids and not people who work for Obama.

Anonymous said...

If the intent of the Facebook web site is to gain support for the nanny, it is failing miserably. Meanwhile the memorial site has thousands of likes.

Anonymous said...

In most high profile cases, there are always supporters of "Innocent until proven guilty." Unfortunately, they usually go overboard, and cross a line to blame the victim, endorse bizarre counter theories, and refuse to adhere to common sense.....or decency. By blaming the victim, they twist the knife in their hearts, increase their suffering and misery, and waste their time, energy, and sometimes, resources, to defend those psychopaths, who destroy lives of truly innocent victims.