Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Soapy Playtime

Wednesdays with Whitney

Bath time is one of those things that kids either hate or love. And unfortunately more kids hate it than love it. So how do you get your messy monsters into the bathtub without an all on war breaking out? Send them in with this crazy soap experiment and watch dirty knees disappear without so much as a single tear! The original soap cloud activity was found at Our Best Bites.


• Ivory Soap (This is important – it needs to be Ivory)
• Food dye and cookie cutters (optional)


1. Start by microwaving your bar of Ivory soap. Yes, microwave it. Just for a couple of minutes. Watch as it puffs up into a giant white cloud that the kiddos can remove from the microwave in one piece and play with.
2. At this point you have two options. You can send the kids up to the bathtub right away and let them play with their new science experiment. Or you can make your own kid friendly soap bars from your giant puff cloud.
3. To make new soap bars, let the kids crush their soap cloud to pieces in a large bowl. It will turn into a dry powder.
4. Now add enough water to make the concoction hold together, mixing as you pour.
5. Next let the kiddos add their favorite color to the mix and blend.
6. Finally, have the kids mold their own soap bars. They can use cookie cutters or simply their own imagination to create art that matches their personality.
7. Let the soap sit in a cool, dry place for 24-48 hours and then let the little monsters at it. Watch how often they’ll ask to wash their hands when they get to do it with that homemade Mickey soap!

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