Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Baking Cup Flowers

Wednesdays with Whitney

We’re in that terrible last stretch of winter. Everything is so cold and dreary looking – it’s no wonder so many people suffer from seasonal depression. Brighten up your day with these colorful baking cup flowers. Below are directions on making these flowers for a cork board, but you can use an array of craft supplies to make different versions of these early spring bloomers.


• Baking Cups
• Paint
• Cork Board
• Colorful Push Pins


1. Start by letting the kids paint their baking cups. Encourage bright summery colors!
2. Once the baking cups dry, have the kids pin them up to the cork board! To create a flower design, be sure to include the stigma and a stem if you can wrangle up green push pins.
3. While you are helping the kids pin up their flowers, be sure to explain the anatomy of the flower and how the different parts interact with each other. Check out the flower Wikipedia page to give yourself a refresher!

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