Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tickle Monster by Josie Bissett

Weekly Trip to the Library
Review by Whitney Ziebarth

The best part of being around children is hearing them giggle. It’s the perfect balance between those fine dining hearty squeals and the “you think I’m going to laugh at that?” silent chuckle. Children’s giggles are infused with everything happy in this world and can chase away even the scariest of monsters. Unless, of course, that monster is the Tickle Monster. Instead of giggles chasing him away, he chases giggles away, making sure every last one is out of your little one’s tummy.

Josie Bisett captures this sneaky guy within the confines of a 36-page book for just long enough to get the inside scoop on the curious little monster we all invite into our homes on a daily basis. While he sticks around, we learn that he has big furry paws, comes from Outer Space (Planet Tickle to be exact), and has an insatiable appetite for little footsies (necks, knees, and tum-tums are also to his particular liking).

The best part about this book is that every time your little one opens it up, the Tickle Monster is bound to be close by. So lay out your welcome mat and strap on your tickle hands (no, seriously….any Tickle Monster Laughing Kit comes with a pair of tickle mitts), for Bissett’s book is a great way to get the giggles out of your own squirmy little monsters!


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