Friday, August 23, 2013

Tricycle Obstacle Course

End of Summer Fun for Nannies and Kids

Tricycles help preschoolers develop coordination skills and are great exercise. Making a tricycle obstacle course is not only fun for preschoolers but let older kids help make the tricycle obstacle course. The course can be simple, or more complex, it's up to you. But remember that the course must be safe. Make sure kids wear helmets anytime they ride a bike or trike and you must supervise the fun.
Put front tire between 2 lines

What You Will Need:

Bicycle or tricycle
Bicycle helmet
Cones, hoola hoops, balls, chairs, jump ropes (optional)

What to Do:

Let the older kids in the family help set up the obstacle course.

Use cones and draw an obstacle course using sidewalk chalk that tricycle riders can weave through.
Include turns, straight lines, and circles. Place fun objects like hula hoop in the middle of the course for them to circle around.

We made a bridge out of two chairs and a lightweight foam snow board. Never use heavy toys or objects that could fall or tip over on a child. Safety should always be your priority.

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