Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spoon Painting

Wednesdays with Whitney

Painting is such a great way to express yourself, but sometimes paintbrushes just don't tell the whole story. I find that this unorthodox method of painting is a great way to help children express their high powered emotions, like anger or excitement. Try it out the next time your little one gets mad and doesn't know how to correctly express it!


1. Start setting up by taping a large piece of paper to either an easel or the floor. Now be sure to tape lots of newspaper around it to capture any pain flyaways!
2. Next set up the paint in bowls and instead of placing paintbrushes in them, place spoons in them!
3. Now let your little ones fling their emotions on the paper with the spoons. They can even smear it around with the spoons to create a more cohesive art piece.
ccc4. Once your child is done painting, use the opportunity to talk about their emotions and what they thought as they were creating the art piece. It opens great communication lines and can help them understand their emotions better.

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