Sunday, September 22, 2013

What to Give Nannies for National Nanny Recognition Week

What Do Your Employers Do to Show They Appreciate You?

National Nanny Recognition Week begins today! So, for Product Review Sunday we recommend parents buy gifts for their nannies from Cafe Press. What nanny wouldn't love an adorable tote bag or shirt given to them to show their employers' appreciation? Click here to shop for nanny gifts.

Some of our readers told us the gifts they loved recieving from their employers. Feel free to share how your employers have shown they appreciate you.

For example, Maria Lopez of Miami, FL says, "One morning the mother told me she got a bonus at work so she's giving me $100 and a day off of my asking. She said I was a very important part of the family. Although it wasn't for Nanny Recognition Week this unexpected gift was so amazing."

Another nanny, Imani O., also has been given cash and time-off from the parents as a way for the family to show their appreciation. She explains, "This summer the parents asked me if there were a few extra days I would like off this summer (paid). We scheduled the days off and they handed me a Thank You card with cash in it to spend on my days off!"

Fiona Littleton, a nanny in New York, NY said, "Other than saying 'thank you' often the parents allowed me to stay in their summer house in the Hamptons this summer while they went to Disney. They allowed me to use their credit card to buy food too. They said this was sinmply a Thank You gift rather than using it as vacation time of sick days or holiday bonus."

A full-time, live-out nanny Kimberly shares with us, "My Mom Boss gets a lot of gift cards from work whenever she reaches sales goals. Typically she gives the gift card to me. She has given me American Express gift cards, several Barnes and Noble gifts cards, and a Nordstrom gift card."

Erin, a nanny in Greenwich, CT says, "The parents gave me a week off to spend without them at their shore house. Free rent and I got paid my regular salary. I can't complain."

What have your employers given you to show they appreciate you?

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