Monday, October 28, 2013

Give the Parents Private Time to be a Couple

Respecting Professional Boundaries for Nannies and Parents

Parents need time alone to nurture their personal relationship. Hiring a nanny the parents can trust to care for their kids, so they can go out on dates or have some private time without the kids, makes nannies invaluable to parents. And parents in a happy relationship helps kids be happier as well.

Most nannies are privy to a lot of private affairs of the parents. Nannies may overhear parents argue and complain about one another. But it's unprofessional for in-home childcare providers to discuss their employer's partnership or marriage with others. It's in a nanny's best interest to remain neutral when the parents argue or disagree. Nannies aren't marriage counselors and should do their best to stay out of their parents private issues.

Nannies must be sensitive to the fact that the parents might want to have private discussions. Employees should make a concerted effort to not overhear their conversations. To respect the parents' privacy nannies should make an effort to take the kids into another part of the home and play with them to keep them busy so parents can have some private time.

Anything nannies can do to help the parents have more free time to nurture their own relationship makes the nanny priceless to the parents. Be it helping kids in with homework, starting dinner, or just keeping the kids busy so the parents can speak privately nannies should support giving parents private time to to be a couple.

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