Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Books for Children

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
By Dr. Seuss

Everyone's favorite Christmas story. Mr. Grinch is a grouch. He tries to ruin Christmas for the happy Whovilles in Whoville. But is he rotten enough to ruin Whoville's Christmas Whobilation this year? Based on Dr. Seuss's wacky and wonderful classic picture book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and the motion picture screenplay of the same name, this novelization elaborates on the story of a holiday gone awry. Little Cindy Lou Who, her cheerfully dopey dad, Lou Lou Who, her semi-delinquent teenage brothers Stu and Drew Lou Who, the Martha Stewartesque Martha May Whovier, and the nastiest, most cynical, evil-hearted Grinch around star in this Christmas comedy.

The Polar Express
By Chris Van Allsburg

One couldn't select a more delightful and exciting premise for a children's book than the tale of a young boy lying awake on Christmas Eve only to have Santa Claus sweep by and take him on a trip with other children to the North Pole. And one couldn't ask for a more talented artist and writer to tell the story than Chris Van Allsburg. Allsburg, a sculptor who entered the genre nonchalantly when he created a children's book as a diversion from his sculpting, won the 1986 Caldecott Medal for this book, one of several award winners he's produced. The Polar Express rings with vitality and wonder.

God Gave Us Christmas
Lisa T. Bergman

As Little Cub and her family prepare to celebrate the most special day of the year, the curious young polar bear begins to wonder… "Who invented Christmas?" Mama’s answer only leads to more questions like "Is God more important than Santa?" So she and Little Cub head off on a polar expedition to find God and to see how he gave them Christmas. Along the way, they find signs that God is at work all around them. Through Mama’s gentle guidance, Little Cub learns about the very first Christmas and discovers that…Jesus is the best present of all.This enchanting tale provides the perfect opportunity to help young children celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and to discover how very much God loves them.

A Christmas Carol
Jan Brett's interpretation of Clement Moore's poem

With over 600,000 copies sold, Jan Brett’s New York Times bestselling edition of Clement Moore’s classic Christmas poem celebrates its tenth anniversary with a note from Jan and an exquisitely redesigned jacket with red foil trim, making this a delectable holiday treat. A new generation of readers will find Jan’s visual interpretation of this favorite poem, set in a snowy New England village, both familiar, as St. Nick visits a Victorian family, and surprising, with Jan’s addition of two stowaway elves from the North Pole.

What are your favorite Christmas books?


Anonymous said...

You ask what is our favorite Christmas book and you posted the best books. I love all versions of the Grinch including movies!

Anonymous said...

Excellent choices!

Anonymous said...

These are my favorite Christmas books. Great selection!
Nanny Annie Cape Cod MA

Sarah Bowen said...

What a nice selections of Christmas books. Love them all. I also want a book filled with classic and short Christmas poems too. Cheers!