Friday, December 4, 2009

Naked and $75 Toilet Training Method

Dr. Rosemond considers it ''a slap to the intelligence of a human being that one would allow him to continue soiling and wetting himself past age two.''

Dr. Rosemond offers a toilet-training technique called,''Naked and $75,'' in which he recommends that parents use with two-year-olds.

''You stay home from work with your child for a few days,'' he says and ''you let the child walk around the house naked all day long.''
The parent puts the potty where the child spends most of his time, and moves it when necessary to keep it nearby. Every so often, the parent reminds the child to use the potty when needed.

''Children at this age do not like urine and feces running down their legs,'' Mr. Rosemond says.

''When they have an accident, they stop and start to howl, and the mother comes along and says, 'Well, you forgot to use the toilet.' She puts him on the toilet, wipes him off, speaks reassuringly to him. And within three days, or five days, he's doing it on his own.''

The $75, he added, is for the carpet cleaning.

Have you ever tried this naked type of potty training?


Anonymous said...

I instinctively tried this and it back fired on me. The parent were mad that I would attempt it. I guess had it been summertime in the backyard it would not have been so upsetting to the parents. Oh well...better make sure the parents allow this before doing it.

Anonymous said...

The key is having the parents staying home for a week to do this! I have a nanny friend that was asked to do this and it took months. She was very upset about this system since she was the one washing the undies and clothes.

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

I did this method (sort of) with a charge who was 2 yrs 2 mos old, and had a new baby sister. Bought her some princess undies, told her if she wanted to wear them she needed to use her potty. She wore nothing but her undies for 3 days. The first day she had 1 HUGE accident, then was daytime trained.

Anonymous said...

I am about to potty train a child and this really is the most info I have found. Precise, short and to the point, informative. Thanks for great resource.
Seattle Melissa

tobagonanny said...

For nanny above that complains it took months then you just started before child was ready. MOST not all 2 yrs old will be ready

And like other commenter, thanks for all these potty training methods listed in one place. Great job!

Anonymous said...

It sort of sounds like some comments do not like anything but dr phil or brazelton sears or whatever but this can work for kids too. Just another method that can actually work. If it doesn't for your charge then just do something else. But there is nothing wrong with learning all the different approaches.

Nanny 4 years
Upstate NY

Anonymous said...

It sounds like some nannies have a preference for dr phil, dr sears, brazelton type approaches but it is good to learn all the approaches.
This might not work for everyone but does for some so it is good to learn about all the different approaches.
Nanny 4 yrs
Upstate NY

Meghan Yingling said...

I'm a Mum who works FT with PT working mate. We had a nanny about 9 - 12 hours a week (mainly so my mate could do some work during the day). This was the only book I read on toilet training and thought it was brilliant. He writes that all involved with the child need to be on board. I instructed methods, etc. and they agreed. We started one week after my sons second Bday. I took days from work to make a long weekend. The first 24 hours it seemed hopeless. But we were committed! our daytime diapers went away with "night time pants" put out of sight. The frequency of Messes gradually stopped over the week and after a month they were very few. 4 months later started the no night time pants training. We followed all recommendations in the book, complete with babe helping to clean up night time pees. For us, pooing happened along site pee training. It seemed natural to our boy. I especially liked the tip to not be the instigator of when it was time to sit on the potty (no fancy potties here btw!). I downloaded a Hogwarts train whistle sound to my phone. Each time this reminder went off I told my son that it was Sir Topham Hat and he says it's time to sit on the potty! Worked great! Didn't have to do that routine much tho before kiddo adapted.