Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Shaped Sandwiches for Nannies and Au Pairs

It couldn't be easier to make special meals for children in shapes for the holidays.

We rolled out bread with a rolling pin. Then we spread peanut butter and jelly between two slices of bread. Then, we cut out holiday shapes using cookie cutters.

To make grilled cheese sandwiches put cheese between two slices of bread. Spread butter or margarine on the outside of the bread and heat in a pan. After cooking the grilled cheese use the cookie cutters to make holiday shaped sandwiches. Cut out the grilled cheese shapes after heating the sandwich or the cheese will bubble out the sides of the sandwich and not keep the shape of the cookie cutter.

For breakfast, make holiday shaped pancakes in the same manner. After cooking the pancakes, use cookie cutters to make the pancakes into the shapes of the holidays.


Anonymous said...

Of course! Why hadn't I thought of it. I have used cookie cutters to trace for ornaments and garland but like a dope never thought to do it for sandwiches or pancakes. Thanks for the easy idea.
Tracey Hill

Anonymous said...

So simple, yet fun! Thsnks I'll be doing this for tomorrow's lunch.
Au Pair Bev in Nyack NY