Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Timer Method of Toilet Training

Another Potty Training Method for Au Pairs and Nannies

The timer method of potty training involves keeping the child out of diapers entirely during training. It is the training technique endorsed by Dr. John Rosemond. He believes that toilet training should be simple and no-nonsense.

The child is empowered to basically train themselves. Training begins with an explanation of how and what is expected of the child. Parents show by example and explanation, and then tell their children, "Now it's your turn. Mommy and Daddy expect you to use the potty from now on."

The child is left naked for three to seven days while they learn how to use the toilet. When a child is naked it helps to teach awareness of bodily function. It is much easier for a child to realize they are pooping and peeing when it is running down their leg rather than having it land in an absorbent diaper. The parent or caregiver provides assistance if needed, but remains hands-off during the training process.

The caregiver sets a timer for specific time intervals, and when the timer goes off the child is brought to the toilet for a potty session. Small rewards, praises, and hugs are given if the toddler is successful. The only negative reinforcement for accidents is an expression of disappointment. As toileting skills become more reliable, the interval between timer setting becomes longer and longer.

Although this method can be accomplished in three to seven days, it is slower than the "train in a day" methods and difficult if you are working with a particularly stubborn child. Motivation needs to be kept high for the entire training process. Often, a child loses interest in the novelty of "potty time!"
before they actually catch on to the pottying process.


Anonymous said...

This is such a bad idea. I unhderstand the thinking but it really just makes the adults work really hard. I love the idea of positive rewards adnd playing potty, not this. You will have to run around cleaning up house all day long.

Anonymous said...

This system really irks me. A grandmother told me this once and in a tone implying that the mother and I weren't potty training the child properly "I'd just take off her clothes and make her go." Well, if she isn't ready it will be quite a mess. Foolish.

Anonymous said...

Well I once worked for a mother who wanted to do this one summer. I had to bring garbage bags and extra clothes with me everywhere since the mom just wanted her out of diapers during the day for the whole summer. Gross. I started looking for a new job the day she said we were going to do this. I will admit by autumn she was pretty much there, but months of poopy underwear was not tolerable. I do not think parents should make their nannies do this.

Anonymous said...

Some of this is a good idea. I mean we all remind the child or take the child to the potty at times you know they are likely to need to go like five minutes or twenty minutes after eating. Portions of it are alright. We just need to take bits and pieces of all the ideas and incorporate them into training to use toilet.

Bare bottoms in summer are easier to train then layers of clothes in winter time. So it really isn't such a horrible idea.

Nanny Meghan of 3

tobagonanny said...

I can see in theory why those who haven't read about current methods might try this method. But if the child were actually old enough to care if they pee pee on floor or not they wouldn't need to be trained, they would already by ashamed.

I think this method of being naked is embarrassing to the child.

Idea of reminding in time intervals is fine.

Anonymous said...

I agree that this isn't the best idea. But, I am an employee. If the parents ask, I will do it. It isn't a crime, but it does suck big time!!
Sitter Parttime
Norton Kansas

Anonymous said...

This Dr Rosemond is ancient. His ideas are from the 70s. His blog is simply christian rhetoric. He's a homeschool and religious zealoust and this potty training technique is similar to nuns hitting kids with rulers when they do not behave. Old school. I prefer dr phill or child orientated and child centered methods of potty training. Any reprimands make the process negative causing kids to hold in their elimination, leading to constipation and worse. Enter this decade and move past this old fashioned method of potty training.

Anonymous said...

Hi I all I don't think this is a bad idea or necessary a good one also. I have always trained my kids with underwear and never pull ups I think pull-ups give a false since of security and adds an extra step to training.

Anonymous said...

What is the benefit of a child learning to pee on the floor, carpet or grass? I don't want kids thinking they can pee on the floor or in the backyard!!