Thursday, May 13, 2010

7-Year-Old Girls Dancing in Lingerie! What's Your Reaction?

Have you cared for children that dressed in clothing you thought was inappropriate or too sexy?

This YouTube video is being broadcast by news media all over the country. The 7-year-old girls are performing at World of Dance, "the largest U.S. Urban Dance Competition."

Undoubtedly the girls are talented dancers. But, is it going too far to allow them to dress in lingerie while dancing in a sexy style? What do you think?

Have any of your charges dressed in clothing you thought was inappropriate or too sexy?


AuPairDebbie said...

This is so inappropriate. I feel sorry for the kids because their parents and who taught them the dance are so clueless. They should know better! Media is just so saturated with inappropriate sexy images of women that the parents don't even realize this is inappropriate for them to be wearing and not appropriate to dance this way at such a young age!

Eva said...

It reminds me of the Beauty Queen moms that forget these are kids. Luckily the only inappropriate clothing the kids I care for ever wore were mismatched striped shirts with plaid shorts or something of that nature! Wake up parents these are kids not adult MTV videos!

Anonymous said...

To me this is soooo wrong...
This is not the type of dance this age group should be doing-It really pushs the limits- IMO.
The girls are so talented- they could have done something more tasteful. Shame on the dance teachers/ and mothers of these children.

Anonymous said...

When Brittany Spears came out I was caring for two girls- 6 and 4- and they always wanted to be just like her...with the dance moves and barely there clothing. The mom allowed it- but only in the house-I always cringed when they did.

I also cared for a 10 year old at this time during the summer- and we were headed to the pool- and the girl came out with a bikini- that was so small. I asked her-
Was this last years?
I had to call the parents and tell them- the mom said it was OK-
the dad said - NO WAY! She also got a letter home saying her clothing was too tight.
The girl was mad at me..but I told her some things are not OK to be seen in public.

I went on an interview with a family of three girls- 3-6-9-
and each one had the extremely low waisted pants- with their bellies /belly buttons out.
I dont even know how their pants stayed up! That was a big red flag for me, that I would not fit in.

Lately- the young girls I have seen out and about-don't dress as they did 10 years ago- I think they are a bit more modest now.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that the media has even affected the good judgement of adults like the parents, dance teachers, and the judges that would allow these kids to dance so sexually and wear these sexual costumes. Why are they listening to Beyonce?

In the house I work in we listen to Music Together, don't watch anything but sports and educational children's shows on tv. We absolutely can keep kids from hearing and seeing these images for this age group.

Reyna H. NY

Michelle said...

My immediate thought was how lucky I was to never have cared for girls over 8 yrs old so they weren't dressing too revealing. Yet these are 7 yr olds? I thought it was an issue for teens. Yikes, no kidding kids are growing up too fast and amazingly the adults caring for these girls aren't helping that fact at all.

Anonymous said...

When our society has gotten so warped to think kids parents no longer can judge what is appropriate or not we are in trouble.

As a nanny I don't think I would tell the parents or teen to dress differently. But if I saw a kid I cared for wearing this at that age I would say something but in a kind way.

Lisa said...

I have never had to face this as a nanny, thank God. And, I don't think I could have bit my tongue if I had. This a form of exploitation. It is bad enough that we live in a society of pedophiles and Amber Alerts. Things like this just add to that.

As a theater teacher I think about providing motivation to my students for performing and have had to work with choreographers too who coach kids on the creating of characters. I don't see how any dance teacher in there right mind would not see that is wrong to discuss this with so young of children.

Steph 6 said...

The audience is loving it!! Did you hear they love it?! There are hundreds of other songs, costumes, and styles of dance that could have been used (thousands)! Ballet, jazz, tap, even hip hop can be done more tastefully. Why dress them in sexy underwear is what bothers me most.

Maybe the audience loves it because it is so outrageous for kids to dress like that. If they are allowed to dress in costuems this way in elementary school I fear for junior high and high school.

Anonymous said...

I am now dumbfounded out how this kiddie soft porn hasn’t landed their parents in jail. The vulgar choreography left me wondering what the crap the adults in these kids lives were thinking?!?

Tobago Nanny said...

Beyonce didn't even dress this provocatively in her own video of the same song. Although, the way she danced was extremely sexy. For little kids to imitate a sexy lady is wrong. But to dress them even more sexy than a sex symbol? Logic?

Anonymous said...

My schools growing up and current schools my charges attend have talent shows every year, and without fail, there are many acts with girls dancing like that. What ever happened to pink ballet tights and tutus?
I think these girls and the adults rationalized that they are just doing what they see on TV. But adults must protect these kids.

I feel very uncomfortable watching little girls dressed and dancing like this, even if they are imitating the actual video.

We must encourage kids to dance ballet and tap not sexy and slutty.

Career Nanny
Maria Lopez
Miami FL

Unknown said...

Woooww so I think the girls are amazing and nun of you know how talented they are that could be the only thing there good at and we can all agree that they are amazing !!! Sooo they wanna be the best they can be ... There not gonna not do there best just cuz everyone is saying there sluty .... Ballet and jazz is not the only thing in this world .... I bet almost nun of you can do what these girl do soooothey need to show there talent and dance what they dance and if you don like you don't have to watch it or let your kid do it , dance is art and it speaks threw your heart and stop talking about them if they have fun doing it ... Then who cares how there dancing ... I bet they got 1st two cuz not many people have chances or are able to do
this kind of dance and if you ever got the chance and u
were good GO FOR IT!!!! And be the best you can be ...
Also the costumes what other costume would you put with
this kind of dance...!?????? Not any other one this one
was perfect.. For the song soo stop talking about the poor
7 years olds when they did this dance and put on these
costumes they did not know they were gonna become
contry wide

Unknown said...

I meant not gonna not do there best

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone is denying that these girls are talented or to blame. It's the adults who should know better. Why are 7 year olds dancing to a song about having a ring put on their finger?
Pushing the limits of dancing like a stipper?
They are 7 years old! Let the kids grow up. And as them knowing if they'd be popluar for this dance number? They were in a major competion. Maybe the dance studio just wanted to get the hype. Sadly it's the girls that are going to suffer and think they have to be sexy in order to get attention. I just worry the attention they will get will be from a sicko...