Thursday, May 6, 2010

Live-In Nanny Loves to Travel

The Pros and Cons of Becoming a Live-In Nanny
An Interview with Live-In Nanny Mariana Gonzales

Mariana Gonzales is a 19-year-old live-in nanny that moved from Los Alamos, New Mexico to Bethesda, Maryland who has loved becoming a working member of a family.

Gonzales boasts about her favorite part of being a nanny is, "I personally love traveling and have been paid to accompany the family on trips."

Gonzales continues, "Not only have I traveled all over the east coast including Disney in Florida but I even got to see London and Paris which I never could have afforded myself."

Gonzales does warn, "Some nannies feel overworked and overwhelmed when traveling with the family. I happen to be lucky to work for very fair parents who compensate me generously with both money and time-off."

"I am allowed to take the children to any tourist attractions. museums, anywhere we want to go and they pay for everything," says Gonzales.

Gonzales recommends, "I would advise young women who do not have their own children yet to consider working as nannies as a way to travel the country and even the world."

What do you like most about working as a live-in Nanny?


Nannies said...

I work for a nanny agency in Vancouver, Canada, and we meet a lot of young women who are exactly the same - they get the chance to see the world and master another language and culture while getting paid. It's really an eye opening experience and it's great to hear from someone who enjoys it so much.

Anonymous said...

But, traveling with the family can also be tricky. I had some nightmare traveling trips with the families I worked for such as being promised a private room only to sleep in same room as kids, not getting the time off when I expected, having to spend my own money on meals?!! I have also heard of horror stories from the parents too. Usually young nannies don't know they are running up large phone bills or drinking inapproriately during a working trip (don't drink alcohol while travleing with a family you work for). If you are going to travel with families be sure to have a travel contract. Not terribly detailed but promising hours, time off, overtime, sleeping arrangements, you don't pay any room and board and so on. Many nannies get tipped a nice amount of cash after a trip, but beware of cheap parents too.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing worse than having to deal with a crying baby while the parents fly quietly with their older children. I hated flying with infants and it basically ruins my wanting to travel with famiys and work as a nanny on trips. I know there are nannys that's all they do is be travle nannys. Claudia DeLuca, Indianapolis IN