Thursday, June 3, 2010

Health Reform Timeline 2012

In 2012 we will find quality and data reporting improvements:

Increase collection and reporting of data of health status regarding race, ethnicity, sex, disability status and economic status. Also includes rural and frontier areas.

  1. Reduce payments to hospitals for preventable hospital readmissions.

  2. Allow provider to benefit from cost savings to Medicare based on more efficient delivery of care.

  3. Make Part-D Medicare cost-sharing benefits available to home and community-based providers as is now done for institutional care.

  4. Implement and increase value-based purchasing for more health acre providers.

  5. Reduce rebates for Medicare Advantage plans while providing bonuses to high-quality plans.

  6. Demonstrate and promote advantages of home health care when possible.

Encourage bundled payments for comprehensive care that includes mental health and chronic disease management. This is the start of a staggered introduction of programs that is effective through 2016.

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